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One woman circus show

Sophie has a great solo show to present in schools, the all new ‘One woman circus’ show. The show last about 45-50 minutes and presents several impressive professional circus acts using circus prop manipulation, dance, acrobatic and audience partication all set to music in a professional costume. This show is great for schools, day cares, birthday parties and large events and can also include workshop for school age kids. The show leaves kids inspired and empowered.


During the circus workshops, participants explore various circus arts and learn some fundamental techniques of prop manipulation such as juggling, hula hoop, poi, spinning plates, flower sticks and diabolo as well as aerial arts such as trapeze and silks. 1 to 5 hours in a day, and up to 5 days. A 5 full day workshop can also culminate in a performance.

Workshop can be offered in schools in the gymnasium focused on prop manipulation or we can invite you to the Ottawa Circus School for event more fun circus workshop that includes both prop manipulation and aerial arts.

Why Circus Arts?

Benefits of the Circus Workshops

Introduction to Circus Arts

The introduction to circus arts project hold many educational merits and is in parallel with the philosophy of the Ministry of Education as to the importance of art in schools as stated in the Ontario curriculum:

“Education in the arts is essential to the students’ intellectual, social, physical, and emotional growth. Through the study of arts, students not only develop the ability to think creatively and critically, but also develop physical coordination and the ability to work both independently and with others. In addition, the creative and practical work encourages students to express themselves in both verbal and non verbal ways, and can enable them to discover and develop abilities that can prove to be rich sources of pleasure later in life.”

The workshops are also in parallel with the Québec Ministry of education as to the importance of play as stated in the Québec curriculum:

"Through their play, children express themselves, experiment, construct their learnings, structure their thoughts and develop their worldview. They learn to be themselves, to interact with others and to solve problems. They develop their imagination and creativity."

Other Benefits of Circus Arts

The circus workshops also motivate the children to adopt an active lifestyle by teaching them physical games that they can continue to practice at home either on their own or with their peers. Circus is a non-competitive activity in which children have the opportunity to develop their abilities at their own pace and it encourages self discipline. The program aims to enrich the life of the child by allowing him to undergo a privileged experience, expose him to a new art form, provide tools that will encourage him to be more physically active, instil the desire to challenge himself, and help him develop psychomotor skills.

Sophie Latreille, Artist and Educator

The circus workshops are the result of many cumulative years’ experience performing and teaching children. Sophie has presented numerous shows and workshops in the Ottawa/Outaouais area as well as in Montreal and abroad working both on her own and with the following performance groups:

Sophie also specialized in educational school programs during the 3 years that she worked at the Canadian Museum of Civilizations (2003-2005).

Sophie has also taught dance and creative movement to children at the Studio de dance Danielle in Aylmer (1991-1993).

Through these experiences, Sophie has developed strong abilities in managing a group of students, maintaining discipline and making sure each child benefits from the program.

Guest artists programs are available for your school:

A guest artist program can be offered as a half day workshop (2 hours), a full day workshop (5 hours) during the school day or over several days. The goal of the workshop is to provide a unique opportunity for kids to discover a new artform with a professional in the field.

All programs are also available in French.

And the workshops are fun too!

Contact us for more information or to reserve a workshop.

"As long as we can play we will be young at heart."

Mini Cirque Testimonials:

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Past Workshops

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