Poi classes for Adults

Poi takes its roots in the Polynesian activity of spinning weights or balls on the end of strings. It has become a very contemporary form of expression and movement that is practiced for fun, exercise and/or performance with many different types of poi including LED lights and fire.

Find your flow

Flow is the state of mind and body when you are 'in the zone', when the Now is so compelling that everything else fades away.

This adult class is has a playful fun quality and is all about the creative process of movement to discover your own personal dance as well as opportunity to learn skills with this fun and interesting prop. We use the manipulation of the prop as a tool for initiating movement. The momentum of the prop give the body a focus to get the body in motion and the prop also become an extension of the body's movements.

One part of the class will be multi level technique instruction on moves and sequences with the poi and part of each class will be guiding you to finding your inner dancer and the joy of moving your body to music and expressing yourself through movement without any specific stylized dance forms.

Sophie Latreille with guide you in this fun filled multi-level class.

Discover new ways to move and play or build on what you can already do. Come free up your body to dance and play for fitness, for mediation and for fun!

There is no upcoming poi class, however we will teach some poi technique in the weekly Juggling class at the Ottawa Circus School which begins in January 2018.

Fire spinning safety class and guided first burns*! June 2018 - Date to be confirmed
*For those with minimum 2 months of practice with their chosen prop.

$15 includes tax and the fuel and lending you some fire poi or fire hoop for your first burn.

Fire poi, fire hoop, fire staff, fire fans…

Have you got some solid basics and are ready to light up with fire? On this evening I’ll teach everything you need to know to minimize the risks of spinning fire for yourself and your environment. This is not a class to teach spinning technique (see poi classes and hoop classes for this) this is a class to guides you to spin safely if you have been practicing for a while and you are a virgin fire spinner or have very little experience with fire. Note that there is always a risk when you spin fire and come at your own risk but do know that if you are well educated then the risks can be very low.

For those that want to light up, I will supervise your burn.

The June date will be confirmed in April at Strathcona Park (Range Road near Somerset) . I will confirm 2 hours before class if weather is an issue and rain date would be the following Thursday.

Please let me know you are coming as I will send you some important pre-class info.

Note: experienced fire spinners welcome to come hang out, help supervise and jam with us. Bring your own fuel or contribute to the community fuel.


Thinking of joinning us but not sure? Feel free to contact us for any additional information. Come play!

Classes are mainly taught in english but can be given bilingually, French and English on request.

Private poi, hoop or other lessons are also available on request

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