AcroYoga class- Adults

Where circus meets yoga and where meditation meets fun

AcroYoga (AKA as Acrobatic Yoga or Contact Yoga)
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The best kind of fitness is the kind that is fun!

Yoga concepts of good body alignment, movement and breath are mixed with the strength training of acrobatics and the playful kindness of community building all with a dash of dance aesthetics. No matter what your previous experience, we will guide you to achieve fluid transitions through postures that might seem inaccessible but can be attained through practice, technique and partner awareness.

Through the session, participants will be supported to move confidently into progressive postures, with safe spotting techniques. You’re welcome with or without a partner; you’ll match up with others or with an instructor.

No prior experience or fitness level is necessary for the beginner class.

Class for adults, teens are welcome by invitation.

So join the playfull fitness movement for fun-filled evenings of partner postures, counterbalancing, and lifts!

Hope to see you there!

All our classes are now offered at the Ottawa Circus School. Check out our new circus school website for all the details and to register:

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