Future Plans

THE PLAN! Yes, the plan. The passionate and bright and shinny Mini Cirque Plan:

Short term:

Create new and original high caliber performances for audiences of all ages around the world by working with other artists in a collaboration of original music scores, original choreography and new exciting performance material.

Develop circus arts in the Ottawa/Gatineau area, offering classes for adults and kids as well as giving talented kids and adults performance experience opportunities.

To do this we need to:

Medium term:

Spread the word.

To do this we need to:

Long term

Team up with other artists and tour the world with a feature length performance.

Set up a permanent circus headquarters in Ottawa or Gatineau where performance artists can explore and create new work and where students can learn and develop their discipline.

Long long term

Settle down a bit, finally, maintaining a space for the circus arts community in Ottawa/Gatineau

Continue developing circus arts

How to accomplish all this?

Of course, all this can only be made a reality with a budget and a team of inspired people. How will that happen, you ask? Aha! Good question. It starts by participating.



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