Weekly Circus Classes for Kids and Teens

In the spirit of challenge and fun, professional circus artists will pass on their circus expertise and teach participants the basic and/or advanced circus skills.


All our classes and camps are now offered at the Ottawa Circus School. Check out our new circus school website for all the details and to register:









Mini Cirque Youth volunteer and work opportunities

For intermediate to advanced kids and teens, 14+ years of age

Youths of 14 yrs or more who have done at least 2 full Mini Cirque circus programs or equivalent (intensive 5 day school workshops, evening classes or day camps) and have a good grasp of the basic techniques in some or most of the Mini Cirque art forms can offer to be assistant teachers. They would to volunteer to help teach the basics to the younger and more beginner kids and also have the opportunity to learn new tricks every week themselves as well practice their circus skills and provide inspiration for beginner students. If they come as volunteer helpers, their participation is free, if interested please contact Sophie in advance to see if they qualify.

A few of our Mini Cirque volunteers have now become instructors for our summer day camp ans classes.

Contact us for more information.


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